Child custody & divorce cases

expland how corrupt our justice system is in child custody and divorce cases

            Now marks the 25th year as a victum of David C. Cleaver, Judge John Keller, Judge John Walker's organize crime, conspacy, vigilanee justice,torture, inhumane treatment, public corruption, mental and physcal abuse in two child custody cases. It started in the winter of 1982 where I hired David C Cleaver, an lawyer into conspiracy, organize crime. Cleaver and wife Patricia members of the gay group. Cleaver like a lot family law lawyers into helping women get custody of their children no matter what background a woman has, whether is saintly or unsaintly. This a conspiracy of Cleaver and Tom Painter, her lawyer and how children are awarded to whores, prostitutes, women with criminal backgrounds, and I can't forget you Mrs Cleaver, lesbians. Cleaver with a call sign of Shakespeare and anything that pertains to Shakespeare's writings, Romeo, Hamlet, etc. Cleaver in1982, With the law firm Sharpe, Townsend,and Cleaver of 257 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg,Pa.17201, 717 263-8447. Law firm where I hired Cleaver not knowing then he was in kinky sex. In 1984 opens his own law firm on Wayne Ave, Chambersburg, Pa. David C. Cleaver, 1035 Wayne Ave Chambersburg, Pa, 17201 is assulted by one of his clients in a child custody case. His client who was being swindled, who was about to become another victum of Cleaver's conspiracy. David C Cleaver and Patty of 6099 Greengriar Terrace Fayetteville, PA. 17222-9671 1=717-352-3944. Cleaver then sells out to Keller, Keller, and Frey of 343 S. Potomac St. Waynesboro, Pa.. Two sons of Judge John Keller who at the time of my child custody case was into conspiracy in child custody cases. Judge John Keller who is now dead, thank god. Kellers who had offices in Waynesboro, Greencastle,and now Chambersburg. I would guess the reason for the sell out of Cleaver to the Kellers. Judge John Keller was the judge at the time and also co conspirator in Cleaver's conspiracy. As I go along talking about Cleaver's conspiracy, organize crime I'll explain how Cleaver got caught in his conspiracy and how Cleaver's concpiracy works. In all fifty states family lawyers and judges helping the women. We have a double justice system in this country, one is corrupt the other injustice. Why do so many men go to prison and so very few women don't. In the case of Weller  V  Weller Chambersburg,Pa. and in the case of Weller  V Weller Great Falls,  Montana. Lawyers and Judges they really are cowboys, all they need is their RED SASHES just like the cowboys on Tombstone.(crooked Bastards). It's a professin where a person can be murder,( whitewater scandal of Bill and Hillary) and (Weller v Weller) a profession where a person can be cheated, lied to swindled, Raped mentally and physcally abuse( Child custody cases) a profession where they can screw their client( Dinsmore v Dinsmore)a profession where they generate their own line of work, their own bank account(Whitewater scandal) In the state of Wyoming. In excess speed of one hundred miles or more, is three days in jail. Two cases, a woman who was going from Jeffrey City to Rawlins, (distance seventy-five mile) she was doing one hundred and thirty miles an hr. She went to jail left go told to report the next morning to jail, let go report back next afternoon stayed the night and released. Had fines to pay and that was it. The judge, a lesbo, Judge Jane Eakin, Circuit court in Rawlins, Wyoming.  1=307-324-6655 . This man who from Casper to Muddy Gap,distance ninety three miles doing one hundred mile an hr. got three days in jail and fines to the max. I'll quote some more case where lawyers and judges helping the women as we stroll along. Back to our gay lawyers. Cleaver who was into telling me about his experiences as a family law lawyer. He told me about his experience as catching this father whom owed child support and wasn't paying,  Heroic Cleaver, nothing but a bull shit lie. Cleaver tells me about the father who takes back the children to their mother and keeps their clothes on weekend visits, another one about the mother who brought the children Christmas grifts to bribe the children. G. Cleaver I was conspired by your lies and bull shit you sling. My dad always has a saying, your as worthles as two tits on a borhog. Now please don't miss understand I have found fathers who got custody of their children. A lot of them never went to court. I have found some that did go to court. Ninety nine percent ;of the child custody case that go to court, the mother ends up with them. There is only a small percentage of child custody cases that the father ends up with the children. The children are being used to give mother another income. In the case of (Weller v Weller),(Rotz v Rotz) The husband walks in on his wife Jackie She's scewing Rex Koons brother, she gets custody Chambersburg,Pa. One of Judge John Walker's cases. ( Fowler v Fowler) Another of Judge Johnny Boy Walkers cases. The mother then took off to Bairoil, Wyoming,got married got divorced, left the children for family members to raise while she goes on an incourse spree with men. Child social services (Dianne    ) of Rawlins, Wyoming Her remark was the children will back with their mother next year. In my case I'm trying to settle up on the maritial property. No help from Cleaver and I could see why. I was having hard enough time getting Cleaver to take the case to court. In Cleavers conspiracy I'll explain how I ended up losing everything. How I had to leave or how I was chased out of my house and out of the state. Child custody cases don't end in the court room for some fathers. The father now gets or become the victum of conspiracy, now not all custody case go down like this. Why because we have father's that give up. Lawyers generating their own line of work. Now this thing of mine has been going on for twenty'five years and still going. ( conspiracy, organize crime) I'll explain how police departments (pigs) are invovled as we go along. PA. police officers like James Harding when he wanted a meal he'd put on his uniform an go to MCDonalds. Chambersburg, Pa. Milton Brown never missed a time getting work done on his vehicle he got the parts free. Members PA state police department). Police protect and serve, it's more along the lines of rob and screw. Pationizing the pigs. Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, it doesn't matter where or what state. Judge Daniel T. Massey printed an article in the Rawlins newspaper. We don't ask them to go out an get kill (police officers). Massey that's the dangers of the job, there getting paid to do their job. Our soldiers in other countries they get kill and they sure where not ask to get killed and they get paid to. They sure don't get patronize. They are there to protect the freedom that some swindling judge or lawyer is taking that freedom from us.You ought to know, judge, jarhead. A good one is the right to bear firearms, again how explain how we are losing our right and who is taking that right. In an abortion case, that made it a federal statute, that women can have an abortion. xxxx v NOW Group (National organitation for whores). A lawyer generated case that went on for years to get the women the right to an abortion. It was established that there was organize crime in the that case. (Lawyer and judge generated case) Where was our great FBI. The same FBI that investagates organize crime in cities. Nobody new that it was being generated by lawyers. Gun laws, Hillary so big on gun control. Our try to explain why and how we generate crimes to get gun control. (lawyers and judges) Remember a lawyer can do anything. Try sueing one. In my time i've only seen a woman make out on suing a lawyer. Jog on down to your local law library and read law cases. About all you'll find is federal cases.  xxxxxxxx    public corruption. David C Cleaver, his wife, Pattrica (Patty)Cleaver of 455 Overhill Dr. Chambersburg.Pa.17201 ( 717) 263-1755 now lives at6099 Greenbrier Terrace, Fayetteville, PA. 17222-9671 ( 717) 352-3944. David C. Cleaver is now ( of counsel ) in the law firm of Keller,Keller,Frey and Beck 1035 Wayne Ave, Chambersburg, Pa, 17201 (717) 264-1110. He generally retreats to his other home in or around Annapolis, Maryland. I became a victum of Cleaver's conspiracy in the summer of 1982 in two different child custody cases in two different states. Lawyers that collaborate back and forth across the United States to each other. John KellerSr., who is now dead. The story goes that one of  the corrupt Keller boys(lawyer) got the shit beat out of him. A little more than John Keller Sr. could stand, which brought on a massive heart attack. I heard  Keller got first hand experience of shoving people in their grave. Anyhow back to the torture,abuse,and inhuman treatment that I receive from Cleaver and his conspirators. Do we every wonder why we receive those legal papers on Friday. Cleaver brought it to my attention. Do we really know the result and effect of being deranged and how lawyers use it to their advanage in child custody case. Stress can change a person's attitude, it can kill and lawyers and judges  like to use it, stess can cause memory lost(amnesia), stress can drag down the immune system and lot more problems. Inhumane treatment of Fathers that pay big money to be represented, as I paid Cleaver, as my father who paid Thomas Painter over $5000.00 and got murder by Cleaver, Walker, Painter, and few more of the outstanding members of the Franklin County Bar. My father who won his divorce case but yet ordered off the property. Father's that have every thing , all martial property order away from them, they end up with nothing. Why do we, the United States have so many homeless men. Men that are screwed over by the system, our great justice system in to helping women for sex.  Im the state of Minnesota, legeslators trying to pass a law so a lawyer can collect on a client's bill by sex. ( this can be found in "West's Guide to American Law"). This volume of books have a lot of information on laws that our politicans tryed to past. (politicans nothing more than dirt bag lawyers( Hillary and Bill Clinton). We as fathers have to stand back and watch our children being raised by the custodial parent that murder the other biological parent or where the long time boyfriend is murdered. Case of  Karen Cox,born an raised in Shawnee, OK. Long time boyfriend Jeff Adams,both doing drugs and lived in Hagerstown, Maryland where Jeff Adams was shot in the back of the head. The system always has a good excuse for,husband, father and boyfriend killers. We as fathers get to see our children pushed in the micro wave and toasted. Their little heads pushed under the water or thrown to the family riding mower ( a young girl of three hundred and fifty eights days old, just started to walk, lawn mower mows her leg off). Our children get dumped off to other parents to be raised ( case Fowler v Fowler) don't have time to raise her two children for to be with her multiple boyfriends this multiple career mother don't have to pay child support.  Children dropped off at the mall or video arcade and all we can find is their head, places that are used for a babysitter( Adam Walsh)( American's Most Wanted). Shouldn't have been to hard finding one of the crimminals.The latest one mother kicks car out of gear and lets car coast into the lake while the children are sleeping in the back seat. I had to stand back and watch my children being used as guinea pigs. School teachers, principals of East Middler school Great Falls, Montana. My daughter and son where being abused. Just lately my youngest daughter, released from the hospital drug over dose. In the case of (Smith v State of Montana) custodial parent got ten years for killing her two children. In the town of Mossula, Montana, the case of (Lukin v lukin) child custody case where the mother got the four year old daughter and the father the six year old boy. The mother left the girl with the father till she got settled down in Texas. Mother, drug user, multiple boyfriends, in Texas. After eighteen months of beening with father and her stepmom, mother decides to pick up her daughter. The father couldn't try for custody because of Montana's every two years law. The mother files papers to get daughter, because father decides not give up daughter, The Monata Supreme court order's the lower court, based on the lower courts decision in MOussla. The father never even filed for support hoping the mother would let daughter where she is. The court ripes the daughter out the house of father and well adapted mother, sends the girl to Texas to drug using mother. Way to go court of Mossula, and the Montana Supreme Court. The first meeting with Cleaver was nothing more than a little history of my life and  what has materialized in my present marriage with Francis Faust, then Weller, and now Francis Wagaman of Jack Rd, Chambersburg, Pa.17201,one of those multiple career mothers, the year 1982. At the time I had dissovled the partnership with my father, Weller's Garage or Weller's Bolen's Sales and Service, a partnership on Molly Pitcher Highway S. Chambersburg, Pa..17201. It's one of those things where ex-wife likes to hear what my father has to say, the finanical help my ex received from my father.I was the one betrayed by wife and bussiness partner. The partnership set up by Thomas Painter,who is now dead,  one of my father's killers. Painter a  partner of the law firm, Ullman, Painter, and Misner of 9 E. Main St.Waynesboro, Pa.17268 (717) 762-1167. Now the law firm of Kulla,Barkdoll, Ullman and Painter same location just one least member. Kind of brings back a case I read. This law firm had a partner die. The widow of  the partner in the firm who past away. The widow is now trying to collect on her husband share in court. Well, we all no what becomes of sharks when one of their own get injury. The rest of the blood thirsty bastard start to feed on their own dead partners. Case, Smith v Law firm of Mckittrick, Harris and Cleaver 1989 Ca. 253 20 307 Ca.172. In all fifty states fathers or men are tortured, miamed, murdered, abused,mistreated, droved in sain and a lot more. Fathers that get first hand experience of Public Corruption. We read how Saddam Hussein murdered and mistreated his people, well it does prevail right here in the United States. We live in a country that has more of it's people locked up than any other country. In chid custody, all fifty states, judges, lawyers, and public servants do generate crimes against men, or fathers. Cleaver, who made the comment, when I wasn't being told to"shut the fuck up" said it would be a long time before I get back in a court room. Just do the opposite of what is being push on you. "You'll swear that they are talking to you." Verbally no one talks to you. But a process of thought and mind control. Yes most definite! A good book on thought and mind control Margert Stinger. A Berkly psychiatrist, her book "Cults in our Mist". A psychiatrist who solved some bizzare criminal cases. The case of the "White Water Scandal", Vincent Froster who committed suicide. Newsweel Magazine printed an article that Vincent Foster was murder. Another case in Great Falls, Montana, Justice of the peace, Michael Smart, a corrupt lawyer to Samuel Harris. Samuel Harris a whisle blower on Michael Smart about the obsene material that Michael Smart was viewing on the court house computer. Michael Smart was a Justice of the peace also in the same building, and same court room. Michael Smart was found was found hunged in the basemet of  his well visited Tavern. Fathers just don't up and  leave their children after a divorce or child custody case. Fathers are threatened, railroaded out of the comminuty. Before I was railroaded out of Pennsylvania. I done got first hand experience on what Cleaver meant by " You'll swear that they're talking to you. I've done been shanged high out of two states after the mother got custody of the children." Lawyer's like Martha Walker, printed a story in the newspaper "Public Opinion." My, the crimes that I was suppose to have commented over what twenty years. The list is long and famous, this includes the murder of my father. In a telephone conversion with Cleaver in 2006, made the statement about the death of my father, how he was shoved into his grave, in 1984, Cleaver who made the comment that my father would never change. My father, who had filed for a divorce against my mother. I to received a lecture on changing, from Cleaver. I didn't know then that my father was going to be murder and how he was going to be murder. I didn't find out until I became a victum on Cleaver's conspiracy, years later where I now have Two stenches in two of my ardaries a third one half clog. Medical personnel claims I have clo                 Why do so many men go to prison, all fifty states generate crimes against men. Ninety percent of the inmates are men locked up in prisons, " the warehousing of inmates". In 2004 states like Alabama that ranked number one for receiving the most federal funds than any other state.Federally funded programs, such as child support, federally funded. Each state receives one hundred forty-five dollars for every inmate, the county receives fifty-five dollars for every inmate. A country that has ninety nine percent of the homeless are men. It's not a matter of fathers or men falling through the holes of the justice system, it's a matter of corrupt lawyers and judges. Lawyers of such on my list of characters. Organize crime that makes up officers of the court, this includes clerk of courts. States employees,lawyers, and judges, department of corrections, school teachers, the state or commonwealth that generats crimes against men. The corrupt system. Federally funded programs such as Mother's against drunk drivers. I had women call about a donation for mother's against drunk drivers. I told her about the case of a women in Montana. It happened in Three Forks. This women who was drunk one night drove her truck into a house and killed the man, who was sleeping in his bed. She wasn't arrested because there was no room in the county jail. Then I told her about on of her big sponsors in Great Falls, Montana. Judge Samuel Harris, who was a big ralling sponsor of mothers against drunk drivers. Everytime mothers against drunk drivers came to Great Falls, Harris was always there. Well the story goes that Samuel Harris excepted a seven thousand bribe from Edith Ausch in Great Falls to keep her son, one of her sons "Gary Ausch" out of prison on his fifth DUI. Now how do I know this, Edith was my landlord.Why I thought that women just piss her pants, she went hysterical it didn't take long to hang up. No donations for Mother's against drunk drivers. Now back to the show. The maritl property that I divided with my ex. . The morgage was on 24 acres and a house which was built by my brothers and I on the 24 acres. At the time of dissolving the marriage, my now ex, files for no fault divorce which was at Cleaver's request to Timothy Misner of 39 S Broad St, Waynesboro,Pa.17268 her attorney. I have to turn to Farm Credit, John Baughman, Farm Credit was on Wayne Ave at the time, to buy my ex's half and I ended up being a victum of a company that is also into organize crime. The Commonwealth of Penna. mistreating it's own people, into organize crime. Do we ever wonder my more fathers don't talk about the abuse, inhumane treatment they go through in their children custody cases. Fathers that are silented, threatened, and those threats carried out. I'll expland how David C Cleaver and the commonwealth silented me for so long. Judges and lawyers into inhumane treatment unless your Judge John Walker, David C Cleaver, Thomas Painter, we musten forget" graver robber" Dennis Guyer, a lawyer that diggs up the dead to swindle the silver dollars off of a dead person's eyelids lawyers and judges into murdering fathers. In 1986 I started a group for divorced fathers. Didn't have many attendants and the support group didn't last long. The state made sure of that. Everytime I showed up in Cleaver's office, the first words out of his mouth was " Shout the fuck up" and a lot of times it was yelled. Like I must of been hard of hearing. We at the time was deciding the custody issue of the three children ages at the time were 16, 14, 12. The children at the time where being seen by Dr Nutty a child psy on the deciding who the children will reside with. I found out later that the two youngest children were bribed by Dr. Nutty. Dr Nutty told the children that there mother had present for them id they went with her. This came from the children. At the time I was employed by Fairchild Republic in Hagerstown, Maryland. We were working seven days a week of course I work graveyard. By this time the divorce had already gone through. The first custody agreement was shared custody, I get the children every two weeks. By this time the morgage had already went through with farm credit. On the shared custody agreement I was paying 200.00 a month child support. This arrangement was set up by Cleaver and Misner. Child support! All fifty states that collect child support will receive seventy-five cents on the dollar from the federal gov't. In 1984 from a Pa. law book I potocopied a page where the state collects $.75 for every dollar CSED collects for the state of Pa. Today for every dollar Child Support Enforcement Divison collects, the Federal Gov't will pay in bounty money $1.00 for every dollar CSED collects. Every week Judge John  Keller and Judge John Walker, two notorous murders of fathers would make sure father's had a job. This took place in Chambersburg at the court house. It's goes that father had to show that they had a job in order to pay the child support. If a father didn't have a job, Walker and Keller would make sure that a father would go out every day and look, make contacts, and obtain a job. If Walker and Keller felt that a father wasn't doing his duty to obtain a job, Walker or Keller would just throw the father in jail, or if the father didn't sign his support order, the father would go to jail. Wouldn't they Walker and Keller? Sure a father would get some low life like Blake Martin, suppose to be a public defender for the defendant. I beleive we all know who brings home the better pay checks. In the last thiry-five years of following up on child support every father that has their children. I've found one father that just started receiving child support after seven years. Notice I said fathers that have their children. Parents that didn't want anything to do with their children, parents that are so immoral in their way of live, fathers that up and took off with the children, parents so high on drugs, parents so rapped up on the opposite sex and of course the same sex fathers that didn't have to go to court to get their children. Father's that would have gone to court and would have lost. A system that will make sure the mother gets the children know matter what her back ground or how she runs her live. Such a case of ( Weller v Weller) Great Falls, Montana ,   (Rotz v Rotz) Chambersburg, Pa (Fowler v Fowler)Chambersburg, Pa.. Two of Judge John Walkers cases. According to David C Cleaver judges, such as Walker and Keller, notorous murders feel women are pushed into things. Thirty-five percent of the children of custial parents are either involved with a gay or lesbian. Ninety- nine and one tenth percent of the children of custial parents will go to bed without a father tonight. My children got to see a different male figure every night. My daughter who was sexually molester or foldal in her bedroom by mother,s male figures ended up going to stay with her father, didn't want to live with mother. The year is 1983 now and I had done got married again. My second wife and I took my daughter in. I had custody of my oldest son who was about to turn eighteen and graduate from school where he joined the army. My second wife and son didn't hit it off to well nor my daughter. My second wife born in Shawnee, Ok. The daughter to Jim and Lola Cox. A woman with a lot of multiple careers. Karen graduated from Norman High School just south ot Ok. city. Karen gets married after high school to Jim Flanagan, have a child named Jim Flanagan Jr.. At the age of five Jim jr becomes motherless, his mother who takes up the job of working the streets of Oklahoma City, yes how well those sugar daddy's I heard so much about. Karen started using and dealing in drugs got arrest for distribution and useage of p.   -----.  Had a miscarrage while in jail, story goes one of the guards punched her in the stomach. Got out of jail went back to working the streets, meet Jeff Adams of Ohio, had a baby girl of the name Arianne Ellan Flanagan. Now back into a new family,started traveling on drug money. The family ended up in Hagerstown, Md renting a lovely apartment. The two of them still heavy into drug sells and using drugs. About a month before I meet Karen . Jeff Adams had just got shot in the back of the head at a drug party he had attendanted. Karen was having her party at home with other other male drug users. The daughter was in Texas with her grandparents at the time of her father's death. When I meet Karen I notice the big black marks on both arms and they sure weren't from abuse. Karen and I where living on guitner Rd. Chambersburg, Pa. I still had Twenty-four acres of property with a house that we were living in by  Karen's dauthter and my oldest son and I.          be back in a while to continue cleaver and  Keller's  conspiracy                           Today Feb.12, 2007, latest update.  The child support that was to be paid for the two youngest children has been dropped by the state of Montana CSED  and just the other day the support order for foreign support of Wyoming CSED has been dropped by a judge Nena James in Sweetwater County. The point here is Mr. Shakespeare appeares as Romeo and Juliet on the news. Two skeletons embraced together buried in the ground. It's a process of thought and mind control. Cleaver twenty years or so told me it would be a long time before I ever got back in to a court room. His explanation is it takes a long time to get a woman back in court. Cleaver who runs down to the court house, to Judge John Keller and gets a court order. The court reads Francis would get the two youngest children. Now how do I know this. Cleaver and Keller got caught. Cleaver was told not to get the court order. I'll explan thought and mind controll as we go along. It has to do with a chicken shit lawyer that doesn't want be in the middle of his conspiracy, organize crime,and vigalantee justice and more. Cleaver I sure didn't send a letter of quitting nor did I make any notion of quitting. I want to see a slimmy bastard like you get hung. Don't forget your wife to.